Linda’s new book His Ways Are Higher, One Woman’s Journey to Self-Forgiveness Against Unbeatable Odds is her 45-year journey to complete victory. DSC_0377Within her big story are many smaller stories, the valuable lessons that have become treasures to her.

Packaging the lessons she learned Linda sets out to help ordinary people tell their extra-ordinary story. She works with speakers, business owners and entrepreneurs who are committed to learning the skill of great storytelling.

Linda Olson is the Founder of Made for Something More, International speaker, author, coach and CEO of Wealth Through Story. One of her greatest strengths is her ability to captivate audiences of every age with her storytelling ability. Large audiences, small groups or a one-on-one contact find their hearts drawn in and are mesmerized by Linda’s passion and inspiration as she unfolds valuable lessons through storytelling.

With more than 40 years of experience, Linda is an expert in helping speakers, business owners and entrepreneurs break through to fulfilling their dream. As a Marriage & Family therapist she focused on breakthroughs from the inside out. As a network marketer, she quickly soared to the top 3-4% in her company and remained there for 24 years bringing in over $2 Million annually with her team. As a ministry leader, she became the entrepreneur of a woman’s program at a church of over 5,000 attendees. One of the events involved hosting an annual simulcast that became third largest in the country.

Linda loves finding ordinary people and helping them become a greater influence, impact more people and increase their bottom line through the art of great storytelling. It is the #1 way to connect with people and make a difference.

An attendee at one of Linda’s coaching classes says, “I learned some basic relational skills and took a new approach to my business. My income tripled in the next 4 months.”

A network marketer was making $50 here and there after ten years of steady work. After committing to Linda’s coaching program, she was earning $300-$500 a week within six months. A year later, she was positioned as a director, earning up to $5,000 a month.

A father was determined to develop skills to improve personal relationships with his family. His teenage sons saw such a change in him after only a few weeks, they began checking his appointment book to remind him not to miss his coaching meeting. His skills as a financial planner also increased.

A businesswoman struggled for ten years to pick up the phone to make follow-up calls. After ten minutes of working with her through my coaching, she worked through her fear of rejection and began making calls. Her business exploded.

Linda’s passions include traveling, photo journaling, spending time with her husband, family & adorable grandchildren. Although born and raised in Manitoba, Canada, Linda journeyed to California to pursue her Masters in Counseling in 1980. Two years later she met and married the man of her dreams. Rick and Linda make their home in Palmdale, California.