His Ways Are Higher

There are about 200,000 people that die of accidental death in the United States every year. Statistics that are usually not mentioned are those that have caused the injury by accident. It is estimated that number affects one million people every year.


Linda’s story falls into the later category.

At 14 years of age, Linda accidently killed her precious, kum-by-yah singing 2-year old brother through a tractor accident.

Growing up as an ordinary farm girl struggling to find her identity she often wondered how courageous she really was. Linda asked the same questions that are asked around the world today such as What do you do when you are barely hanging on? How can a loving God let this happen? What do you do when God is silent? Through courage, an unwavering faith and perseverance, Linda discovered extraordinary answers that have become treasures she will cherish forever. With a new boldness she steps forward to tell her story to millions who need a message of hope and forgiveness in this dark hour.

His Ways are Higher is her 45-year journey from barely surviving to thriving.

The book contains:

  • A story of an ordinary girl telling her extraordinary story of self-forgiveness in the face of tragedy
  • A hope-filled account of faith, courage and forgiveness
  • Answers to the heart-breaking questions asked around the world when tragedy hits like, “What do you do when you are barely hanging on? How can a loving God let this happen? What do you do when God is silent?”
  • How to let go of the overwhelming guilt that nearly crushed her.
  • How to go forward when life is a blur
  • How to face the fear that encroaches every new step.
  • How to find healing when there aren’t any answers.
  • How to let go of the pain when it won’t let go of you.
  • The answer to her deepest question, “Why was I the one on the tractor that took the life of my precious two-year old brother?”


Why should I read this book?

Everyone has a story to tell. Your story may be very different than mine but because of the hurting world we live in, I know that you relate to pain. Your story is important. I train speakers, entrepreneurs and business owners to effectively convey their message through the skill of great storytelling. Whether through business, through ministry, or community events, people are hungry for relationships. They want to know that someone cares about them. Storytelling, when done well, is the greatest way to connect with people.

So, whether you choose to read this book to find healing in your journey or whether you want to learn to capture your audience through the art of great storytelling, you will find many benefits through His Ways Are Higher.

Who will benefit?

His Ways Are Higher is the perfect guide for the:

  • New speaker to increase your confidence and stability
  • Entrepreneurs who desire a greater freedom to develop your greatest potential
  • Struggling author to enjoy more clarity and direction towards your purpose
  • Storyteller who discovers new doors, taking you beyond your wildest dreams
  • Successful working class who desire more courage to increase their bottom line.
  • Business owners to jumpstart new beginnings
  • College student to increase your focus and confidence
  • Teenager who desires a stronger sense of identity and purpose
  • Stay-at-home Mom to strengthen you, keeping you from growing weary
  • Advanced speaker to increase your impact and influence
  • Ministry leader who desires greater contentment and a deeper peace
  • Leaders of non-profits who desire increased optimism and sense of gratitude
  • Ordinary who desire to be extraordinary, increasing your laughter and joy

Og Mandino, author of, The Greatest Salesman in the World, said, “The more I work on myself, the greater my sales.”

This book will guide you in grasping more courage, more strength, more faith, and more hope as you let go of the emotional pain and press on to a brighter future, thereby increasing your influence, your impact and your income.