His Ways are Higher

One Woman's Journey of Self-Forgiveness Against Unbeatable Odds


What Others Are Saying


Linda shares an amazing and deeply personal story. Who could have imagined that God could use a tragic accident in the Canadian north in the mid-1900s to cause an increasing ripple effect of blessing today? And we’ll never know the end of Linda’s story until we get to heaven and learn how her story affected yours, and mine.

Rick Bergen, President, Missão Marabá, Brazil


Everyone has a story. Linda’s story will grip your heart. It portrays a woman of prayer, faith, and amazing courage.  This book is page turner and a reminder that even when life makes no sense, God is in still in control. We serve a God of miracles and Linda is one of them.

Sharon Hill, Founder, OnCall Prayer™Ministries OnCallPrayer.org,   Author of the OnCall Prayer Journal & The Power of Three – How a Protective Shield of Intentional Prayer Can Transform Your Life


Beautifully and compellingly written, God’s story of triumph over tragedy in Linda’s life will illuminate your path, no matter how dark and grim.  If you believe you cannot forgive yourself in the face of seemingly insurmountable pain, you must read this book. In its pages, lies the hope and healing you deserve.

Leslie J. Smith, B.A., LL.B.    Lawyer, Mediator, Arbitrator, Deputy Judge, Speaker, Author of Legal Ease: Essential Legal Strategies to Protect Canadian Non-union Employees. www.legaleasecanada.com


“This book is an invitation.  We are taken on a journey across the Canadian Prairies to pinpoint a time when a young woman on a tractor meets her defining moment.  This is a story of her journey of love, self-forgiveness, and eventually freedom.  Linda A. Olson has once again brought healing through pain, as she teaches me- through her story.”

Kathleen D.  Mailer, International Business Evangelist,  #1 Best Selling Author (Walking In The Wake of the Holy Spirit; Living An Ordinary Life, With an Extraordinary God), Founder/Facilitator of “A Book Is Never A Book Boot Camp”, Editor-In-Chief of Today’s Businesswoman Magazine.